In Review: Star Trek: Discovery—Adventures in the 32nd Century #1 (of 4)

Travel to the far future of STAR TREK in this all-new miniseries spotlighting the cast of the hit television series!

Synopsis: Travel to the far future of STAR TREK in this all-new miniseries spotlighting the cast of the hit television series! Up first is the secret history of the queen herself: GRUDGE THE CAT! Discover how she met Book and claimed her place as the greatest feline spacefarer of all!


The Story

This first Star Trek: Discovery story of this anthology series centers on Grudge who of course is Booker’s cat. Only from Grudge’s point of view. Booker is pretty much her pet human. The story is very much from Grudge’s point of view and we learn quite a bit about her. Mainly that she is not a fan of Captain Michael Burnham or humans in general because they are below her.

However, Grudge proves herself to be smarter than the average cat when she stops an alien from nicking Booker’s ship.


The Artwork

Angel Hernandez does a fantastic job with the artwork for this book. We get a lot of interesting and fun panels as we see Grudge enjoying her home on Booker’s ship. But we also get some fun location shots as Grudge goes for a wander around the U.S.S. Discovery.

I love the panels where we saw Grudge’s reflection playing off the various surfaces on the ship.



Mike Johnson delivers a brilliant and fun self-contained story with this issue and Grudge gets top billing, and rightly so. I loved how well the writer manages to convey Grudge’s point of view. I can easily imagine my own cat being pretty much the same.

There’s a fun moment where Burnham comments on Grudge’s weight at which point Grudge’s internal dialogue, which we get to read says “rude”. I suspect this is the point at which Grudge formed her low opinion of Burnham.

Overall. A really fun issue, which cat lovers will enjoy everywhere.

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