In Review: Star Trek: Discovery #2

Secrets are revealed that will change the course of the galaxy forever!

Synopsis: Secrets are revealed that will change the course of the galaxy forever!

Review: Kirsten Beyer and Mike Johnson continue to delve into T’Kumva’s past and events that took place ahead of when we first meet the Klingon Spiritual Leader and Light of Kahless in Star Trek: Discovery. 

The story picks up with a somewhat surprised Voq learning that the ship in which T’Kumva captained was originally rebuilt by T’Kumva’s sister. L’Rell then proceeds to tell Voq what happened after T’Kumva first learned of the ship of bones.

We see much of T’Kumva’s spiritual training on Boreth where his instructors hold the student in very high regard given that he seems to be enduring far more pain and showing more endurance than any Klingon they have ever seen. They ask T’Kumva if he has had visions of Kahless and he says no, but admits to seeing a light. A light which eventually leads him back to the temple when he is forced to endure the harsh coldness and elements of the planet.

T’Kumva eventually gets summoned home to his sister’s wedding and finds himself in the midst of his family fighting for political victories and coin. He learns that his sister no longer dreams of taking the ship of bones out into space as a banner to unite the empire.

Overall. This is an interesting look at the events that lead up to T’Kumva taking command of the ship of bones and getting the various houses to unite behind him. I like the fact that Voq is hearing this story from L’Rell, which makes sense given that she seemed to have the confidence of both T’Kumva and Voq in the series.

If I have one gripe. Its the fact that we have absolutely no room for any narrative concerning the Federation. What is happening on board the Shenzu at this point in time? It would be interesting to know.

The artwork from Tony Shasteen is pretty consistent throughout the comic. We even have a few of the Klingons on Boreth sporting facial hair in the same style that you’d expect to see on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Whether this is something that we’ll eventually see on the actual TV series remains to be seen. But it was good to see a few Klingon’s with facial hair again.

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