In Review: Star Trek: Defiant Annual

In The Star Trek: Defiant Annual, Sela takes center stage.

Synopsis: In The Star Trek: Defiant Annual, Sela takes center stage. After the classified information she stole from the Klingon High Council fails to earn back her favor with Romulan intelligence, Commander Sela is forced to take drastic action and turns back the clock—literally. But what was supposed to be a surefire plan to correct her past failures quickly spirals into chaos when the technology malfunctions and sends her to a devastated war-torn past with the last person Sela ever wanted to see again—her mother, Tasha Yar.


The Story

Having obtained valuable intelligence from Martok about The Klingon High Council and various defensive forces based around the Klingon Empire. Sela thinks she may be able to get her former rank in the Romulan High Comand left, but when her information is not enough to get her promoted. Sela uses some other information to do with a workable way to time travel to go back in time and find a secret that the Romulan High Command is fearful of. However, instead of getting the intelligence she is after. She winds up getting re-acquainted with some long-buried truths about herself. A truth that involves her facing the truth about her late mother Tasha Yar.



Ramon Rosanas and colorist Lee Loughridge do a solid job with the artwork for this book and the panels where Sela meets her mother on a mission that takes place before her serving on the Enterprise D are nicely drawn. But my favorite panels are toward the close of the book where Sela finally tells the truth about what happened on the night that her late mother died.



Christopher Cantwell brings us a fun story involving Sela that we would never have gotten without her character having been brought back into the comics. Sela is a much-loved character from Star Trek: The Next Generation that premiered in the two-part Unification story, which saw Picard and Data work with Spock to try and bring reunification between Romulons and Vulcans. Although we only saw Sela in those two TNG episodes. We have seen her brought back a few times in novels and comics. And this latest story digs a little more into her character. So is a must for fans of this character.

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