In Review: Star Trek: Defiant #7 – Day of Blood

Part four of DAY OF BLOOD begins here!

Synopsis: Part four of DAY OF BLOOD begins here! Thousands of years ago, Kahless the Unforgettable led his people to glory and raised an empire of honor. But his clone, Kahless II, has gone too far, murdering innocents in cold blood and hungering for power that can no longer be sated by Qo’noS and the Klingon people. He now stands alongside Alexander in front of Worf and Sisko, pitting father and son against each other and making a mockery of the Bajoran Prophets and their emissary. Meanwhile, the power of the Orb of Destruction surges from his ship above. Can Kahless be stopped, or will he once again prove to be the greatest warrior of them all?


The Story

Having caught up to Kahless and Alexander on the surface of Qo’noS Sisko and Worf prepare for the fight of their lives. Worf must fight his son in hand-to-hand combat as both father and son battle with their own fears and personal grievances. Meanwhile, Sisko must take on Kahless, but the Kling Emperor proves to be somewhat of a tricky customer. In space the crews of the Defiant and Theseus must work together in order to defeat Kahless’s fleet of Red Path ships. However, both crews get an unexpected surprise at the identity of the Captain of the main Red Patch ship.


The Artwork

Angel Unzueta and colorist Marissa Louise continue to kick butt with the art in this issue. The panels depicting Worf’s battle with Alexander are truly epic and build up to a shocking conclusion that will have fans gagging to get their hands on the next issue. We also get some great visuals showing us the space battle between The Theseus, The Defiant and the Red Path fleet.



Christopher Cantwell continues to bring us a compelling story, which would make for an awesome television movie given how epic the plot is. The central conflict of this issue is between Worf and Alexander and it gets brilliantly set up by a letter that Alexander wrote to his father about why he’d joined the Red Path. This sets up the fight between father and son brilliantly.

Overall. This continues to be an enjoyable story and is one that I’d have loved to have seen on the TV as an actual episode because Cantwell uses the characters so well.


Star Trek: Defiant #7 - Day of Blood
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