In Review: Star Trek: Defiant #6

The crossover event between Star Trek and Star Trek: Defiant continues here in part two of DAY OF BLOOD!

Synopsis: The crossover event between Star Trek and Star Trek: Defiant continues here in part two of DAY OF BLOOD! Worf and Sisko begin their trek to Kahless’ spire to stop the false prophet’s siege of Qo’noS with each other being the last man either wants to rely on. Meanwhile, Spock takes the bridge of the Theseus, reuniting with his old friend Captain Montgomery Scott and desperately attempting to keep the Red Path’s Bloodwings at bay.


The Story

Continuing from where the first issue of Day of Blood left off. Worf and Sisko are walking to the Kingon Capital City and apparently still at odds with each other over past events. A conversation ensues in which Worf promises that he will not save Sisko should the voice be a matter of having to let his former Captain die in order to stop Kahless and his cult.

Meanwhile, on the Theseus Captain Montgomery Scott is struggling to hold the science vessel together while trying to keep the Red Path’s Bloodwings at bay.

Somewhere else on Qo’noS Dr. Beverly Crusher, Sela, and their Orian colleague find a critically injured Martok and work to save him.

Elsewhere, Data and Lore work together to try and find Korath’s laboratory on Qo’noS and are met with an elaborate security system.


The Artwork

Angel Unzueta and colorist Marissa Louise do a great job with the artwork throughout this issue as we get plenty of action beats as we see various battles between Starfleet personnel and Red Path followers. The panels at the start of the book where Worf and Sisko are trying to air their differences are really solid although most of this sequence is done in such a way that we are seeing Sisko and Worf from a distance, but the couple of close-ups we do get are made to really count. I also liked the brief shot that we get of The Defiant, which is still needing repairs.



Christopher Cantwell does a solid job of moving the story along while continuing to develop the various character arcs that have permeated the story thus far. The conflict between Sisko and Worf is particularly interesting and works well as we had hints of it during the TV series.

Added to all of this. We also get a fun archive log from Worf who talks about how Kahless disapproved of the Klingon race being involved in the Dominion War.

Star Trek: Defiant #6
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