In Review: Star Trek: Defiant #5

This month in Star Trek: Defiant, Captain Worf struggles to maintain order among the Defiant’s crew

Synopsis: This month in Star Trek: Defiant, Captain Worf struggles to maintain order among the Defiant’s crew with the addition of two new reluctant recruits causing all kinds of friction on board the stolen vessel. And with Klingon adrenaline still surging through Kahless’ veins, the need to find—and stop—him has never seemed so dire.


The Story

Having investigated Korath’s lab in the last issue. Lore and Spock just about escape the lab when it blows up, but in doing so they learn that Korath has developed a biological weapon. Armed with this new information. Spock and Lore rendezvous with The Defiant and report their findings to an increasingly frustrated Worf who is struggling with the addictive qualities of the Red Path drug that is keeping him alive.

Meanwhile, Sela has boarded the Defiant and is looking to work alongside Worf and his crew in the hopes that she can recover Three prototype Romulan Warbirds and hopefully reignite her career, which has been on the outs since she failed to assassinate Ambassador Spock in the TNG two-parter “Unification”. As the crew arrives at the Klingon Colony of Korvat, which was wiped out in Prelude to Day of Blood. The crew learns of Captain Meyerson’s fate and is able to retrieve some partial data from the wreckage of his ship.


The Artwork

Angel Unzueta gets quite a few talking heads panels in this issue as the various characters discuss ideas and figure out the true extent of Kahless’s plans. However, which get a few sequences of panels in which Worf destroys a table and Lore engages in a spacewalk. Hopefully, the artist will get given a few more challenging panels featuring new planets and locations in the next issue. Indeed we are likely in for some interesting space battles.



This is a solid issue that builds up to the Day of Blood storyline, which launched last month. I look forward to seeing how this issue and the prelude issue connect with the ongoing Star Trek series. Especially given that Worf contacts Sisko at the close of this issue to ask for help.

Star Trek: Defiant #5
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