In Review: Star Trek: Defiant #14

Resistance is futile! Cornered by their own parasitically possessed crewmate, Worf and the Defiant crew scramble for a way to safely save her before it’s too late.

Having been parasitically possessed in the last issue. It is down to Ro and Nymira to try and subdue B’Elanna in order to buy time to figure out a way to save her from the parasitic aliens. In order to investigate if the link between the Bug and B’Elanna can be severed Spock attempts a mind meld with her, which goes awry. Seizing on Spock’s theory being half right. Hugh suggests that he assimulates B’Elanna into a microborg collective of two where he will use the link to separate B’Elanna’s consciousness from that of the parasite and see what he can learn.

Meanwhile, Sela has reached Starbase 99 and begins to investigate the Defiant.


The Artwork

 Angel Unzueta and Marissa Louise do a fantastic job with the art in this book. The fight between B’Elanna and Ro at the start of the comic get things off to a riveting start. Also great was the flashback to Nymira’s past where we see her escape from prison.



Christopher Cantwell continues to make clever use of the parasitic aliens that Star Trek fans first met in the first season TNG episode ‘Conspiracy’. I’ve enjoyed how similar these parasites are to the Borg in terms of them needing a humanoid host to push their agenda forward. It will be interesting to see how Hugh’s simulation of B’Elanna plays out in the next issue.

Star Trek: Defiant #14
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