In Review: Star Trek: Defiant #12

Star Trek: Defiant dips its toe into the horror genre

Synopsis: This month the Defiant crew looks to move on from recent events. As Worf and his rogue crew make way for Starbase 99, a run-down remnant of the Dominion War, to complete their fugitive drop-off. The clandestine assignment has left them disillusioned with Starfleet and with one another, but a surprise awaits the Defiant crew, threatening to tear the crew apart even further—literally.


The Story

Having been ordered to drop off their prisoners at Starbase 99, which is pretty much the most out-of-the-way run-down base in the fleet. Worf and his crew have to hand over their prisoners to Commander Gossford. It seems that the station commander has an interest in questioning Benny the Munch about recent raids on his stations’ ships. However, Gossford who is also a veteran of the Dominion War takes an immediate dislike to Worf and is antagonistic toward him. Worf, who is already feeling betrayed by Starfleet doesn’t take too kindly to this, but thankfully gets a reprieve when Starfleet Intelligence officer Lieutenant Raydu whose interest in Hugh the Borg has honorable intentions, but just as she finishes explaining about her work to Worf and Hugh she starts to have body spasms as her bodies systems reject a parasite.

As the Defiant crew investigates the mysterious death of Raydu Worf goes to interrogate Benny and as one thing leads to another an old familiar enemy from Starfleet past rears its ugly head again. But how far will this particular conspiracy stretch?


The Artwork

 Angel Unzueta and Marissa Louise do a fantastic job of the artwork in this issue. I loved the exterior shot of Starbase 99 as Defiant approaches. It looks like a proper craphole of a station that is bearly been held together. I also loved the lived-in interiors of the station as well as the less-than-stellar uniforms that the station crew are wearing. 



Christopher Cantwell brings us a fun story, which looks like it might be a worthy sequel to the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation episode ‘Conspiracy’ in which we saw top-level Starfleet personnel taken over by a parasitical alien that was looking to take over The Federation.

I can’t wait to see where all of this goes in the next issue.

Star Trek: Defiant #12
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