In Review: Star Trek: Defiant #11

The Defiant crew faces their most dangerous bounty in the finale of Defiant arc two! Iotion gangster Benny the Munch

Synopsis: The Defiant crew faces their most dangerous bounty in the finale of Defiant arc two! Iotion gangster Benny the Munch is in town looking to expand his turf, and he’s not planning on stopping until he owns every living being in the galaxy. Meanwhile, when Captain Worf sends Nymira on an undercover mission to uncover the infamous mobster’s grand plans, she finds herself volunteering her captain to fight Benny’s prized Gorn goon in a Kreel death tournament known as the Kash-Baht Death Crucible. Whoops!


The Story

After having apprehended  Berlinghoff Rasmussen in the last issue. Worf and his crew must now go after Iotion gangster Benny the Munch who is looking to expand his turf with the help of some Gorn associates. To do this. Worf sends Nymira in to gather some intelligence on the best way they can capture Benny. This leads up to Worf having to fight Benny’s best Gorn goon in a Kreel death tournament knock as the Kash-Baht Death Crucible.

Worf and his crew continue to have issues with being used by Starfleet for such underhanded missions that clash with all that is or was once good and honorable about Starfleet.


The Artwork

The art team, which consists of Mike Feehan (Penciller), Maria Keane (Inker), Marissa Louise (Colorist) did some great work in the final issue of this current story arc. Dom Jot game at the start of the issue where we see Nymira make contact with Benny is particularly well drawn. Added to this is the fact that the art team seems to be going with the classic series design for the Gorn, which makes sense given that we haven’t seen too much of an adult gorn yet on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds as the one we have seen was decked out in an environmental suit. 

Also well drawn was the fight in the Kash-Baht Death Crucible.



Christopher Cantwell has done a great job with this story arc. Bringing together a ragtag crew of people who have had issues with Starfleet and having Worf lead them was a genius idea. Moreover having them challenged by the moral ethics of the mission that Starfleet gives them has also shown that even those that have butted heads with Starfleet’s directives have certain lines that they will not cross. This all gets summed up in Worf’s report to Starfleet after his mission is complete.

Star Trek: Defiant #11
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