In Review: Star Trek: Defiant #10

The Defiant crew makes way for its next bounty: Berlinghoff Rasmussen, infamous time-traveling thief and con man.

Synopsis: The Defiant crew makes way for its next bounty: Berlinghoff Rasmussen, infamous time-traveling thief and con man. Berlinghoff has escaped custody on Starbase 214 and has his sights set on tech from the forbidden planet and final resting place of Captain Christopher Pike, Talos IV. With top-secret orders from Starfleet, Worf and his crew are to intercept the target without being detected by anyone…including the Federation.


The Story

Worf and the defiant crew continue their off-book mission as Bounty Hunters. Their latest mission is to apprehend and capture Berlinghoff Rasmussen who has hatched a cunning plan to kidnap a Talosian from Talos IV. A planet that has been made a no-go zone by Starfleet. Only in recent years, their stance on the planet has softened. When Spock gets a psychic message from his long-dead friend Captain Christoper Pike. The veteran Starfleet Officer and Vulcan Ambassador suspect that more is going on than he perceives. It would seem that Rasmussen has gotten the drop on Worf and The Defiant Crew and is using the Talosian Keeper to have Worf and his crew live in an illusion designed to manipulate Worf into giving up control of The Defiant.


The Artwork

The Art Team does a great job on this issue. I particularly enjoyed the early panels where we get a flashback to Spock Meditating on Vulcan and being disturbed by a message from his old friend and former Starfleet Officer Captain Christopher Pike. I loved the red color wash that the art team used to portray the arid heat of Vulcan.



This was a fun issue that delves back into the world that we first saw portrayed in the Star Trek Pilot The Cage. But adding more spice to the story is the audaciousness of Berlinghoff Rasmussen’s plan to steal a Talosian and use it to profit from its powerful psychic powers. I loved the dialogue between Spock and The Keeper towards the close of the issue. And I enjoyed Worf’s ultimate answer to the moral dilemma he is faced with when it comes to the fate of The Keeper and the Talosians. Indeed the way this story ends leaves us with some interesting possibilities for future stories with The Talosians if other writers are game to take it on.



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