In Review: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine—Too Long a Sacrifice #4

Everyone is a suspect on a space station one murder away from plunging into total chaos. Constable Odo has a suspect in his sights

Synopsis: This month on Too Long a Sacrifice. Everyone is a suspect on a space station one murder away from plunging into total chaos. Constable Odo has a suspect in his sights, but there’s one final piece to this dark puzzle that will change everything he thought he knew—not to mention life on Deep Space 9—forever.


The Story

Picking up the story from last month. Odo and Retlaw are questioning Vedek Teller. But as Odo and Retlaw break for some lunch. Odo picks up on a clue that he missed with regards to someone else that was around during the Cardassian occupation. A suspect that has been staring them in the face since the investigation began.


The Artwork

Gregg Scott’s artwork was great throughout this issue. With only Dr. Bashire’s likeness getting a little wobble during the last few pages of the story as the investigation wraps up. I loved the sequence of panels where Odo and Retlaw chase Lavin through the station. These panels really gave a real sense of movement and the expressions of desperation and anger on Lavin’s face were wonderfully drawn. She had been planning her revenge for a long time and the years of repressed anger shined through on her face.



With Too Long a Sacrifice. The Tiptons gave us a wonderfully atmospheric mystery and a really nice partnership with Odo and Retlaw, which is a partnership that I’d like to see again. This comic really re-engaged my love of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, which to this day I feel was the best of the modern Star Trek shows when it came to decent storylines. Especially during its final few seasons. The story also reminded me of what an awesome character Constable Odo was.

I’d really like to see more Star Trek: Deep Space Nine comics and hope that this series gets enough in sales to encourage IDW to print more. Overall. A solid conclusion to what has been a fantastic story.

You can order your own digital copy of this issue and back issues at Comixology.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine—Too Long a Sacrifice #4
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