In Review: Star Trek: Day of Blood—Shaxs’ Best Day

Find out what Shax was getting up to while Sisko and Worf battled on Quo nos.

Synopsis: In Day of Blood, we saw Captains Benjamin Sisko and Worf with their crews of the U.S.S. Theseus and Defiant stop the fascist, god-killing clone Kahless II from declaring war on non-followers across the galaxy in a brutal battle on Qo’noS. But you haven’t seen it from the eyes of the man, the myth, the legend, Lieutenant Junior Grade Shaxs! From the writer behind the best-selling Lower Decks comics series, Ryan North, with esteemed artist Derek Charm (Jughead and Marvel’s The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl), comes a 30-page standalone tie-in to the Star Trek: Day of Blood event (Star Trek FCBD 2023, Day of Blood #1, Star Trek #11 and 12, and Defiant #6 and 7) detailing the Bajoran’s beast-mode brawl and showcasing all the behind-the-scenes Klingon-zealot butt-kicking in full animated glory!


The Story

In order to make an urgent repair on the Defiant. Lt Junior Grade Shax must steal a deflector component from a nearby Klingon Bird of Prey. But to do so. He needs to go through a horde of Fascist Klingons using his best combat moves and some of his most unique Banter. Trust us. The banter is deadly.


The Artwork

Derek Charm does a fantastic job of the artwork as we see Shax and all the Star Trek characters drawn in the style of Lower Decks. We get some fantastic panels of combat between Shax and his various Klingon opponents as well as some truly imaginative uses of Klingon weapons. For example, have you ever noticed how similar bat’leth are to boomerangs when you look at the shape? hmm, now that’s something to ponder.



Star Trek: Day of Blood—Shaxs’ Best Day is one hell of a good time. The jokes are thick and fast and it’s rather fun seeing what a good day looks like for the legendary Lt Junior Grade Shax. I look forward to any sequels. If there is one.

Star Trek: Day of Blood—Shaxs' Best Day
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