In Review: Star Trek: Day of Blood #1


Synopsis: DAY OF BLOOD STARTS HERE! As emperor of the Klingon Empire, Kahless II has consolidated power, raided ancient tombs and secret bunkers, taken the power of gods for himself, stolen the Bajoran Orb of Destruction, and has begun a slaughter across the stars. But this genocide of gods was just the beginning. For with the power he has stolen, Kahless is about to declare war on all those who do not follow the Red Path. To prevent genocide unlike any since the ancient days of Qo’noS, the crew of icons led by the emissary known as Benjamin Sisko (Star Trek) and the renegades who follow a desperate and violent Worf (Star Trek: Defiant) must unite for a common cause. Only they can hope to stop the DAY OF BLOOD.


The Story

Continuing the story started in both the ongoing Star Trek comic as well as Star Trek: Defiant. Day of Blood brings the story of the Klingon Civil War forward. Having successfully gained control of the Bajoran Orb of Destruction. Kahless and his Red Path are looking to cull the traitors from the Klingon Homeworld of Qu’noS. Looking to lend aid to those Klingons that remain loyal to The Empire and want the status quo to remain. Captain Worf and his crew of renegades on the Defiant have called upon Captain Benjamin Sisko and the Crew of the Theseus to arrange to meet on Qu’unoS in the hopes of stopping the Klingons from annihilating themselves and their culture. However, the various crew members on Worf and Sisko’s respective ships also have personal issues to deal with and must try and put these issues aside for the greater good.

Added to which. Work has Sela and a stray Orian woman to deal with who refuses to give her name and Dr. Crusher has the difficult job of trying to talk these two women into joining the fight.


The Artwork

Ramon Rosanas gets a lot to do with the artwork in this issue as the comic starts off on the Theseus with Sisko recapping previous events via his Captain’s Log and talking about the time he has been back among the living. As it was the wormhole prophets that released Sisko because they needed his aid in stopping the god killer, which has been revealed to be Kahless.

As they arrive at Qu’noS. The artists get to draw some impressive rather barren-looking landscapes as we get to see The Defiant on the ground. The image of the two crews coming together is visually dramatic as we see Worfs crew in silhouette walking behind him as they meet Sisko and his way team. By far the best sequence of panels comes toward the end of the issue where Worf and Sisko drive a buggy through the war-torn streets of Qu’noS.



This is a fun opening issue for the series, but very little gets accomplished in terms of plot development as the two crew from Defiant and the Theseus have issues with each other to resolve before they can move forward with their mission. Ro Laran and Lt. Commander Shax have issues regarding Ro joining the Maquis, Tom Paris and B’Elanna Torres have issues regarding their daughter, Worf, and Sisko have issues around who is the alpha, and Dr. Crusher is pretty much forced into the role of trying to play peacekeeper between all of this.

Away from the Federation and Rebel crews. We get some great dialogue from Kahless as he gives his call to arms speech in order to try and get the blood pumping among any Klingon’s on Qu’noS who might join his cult. We also get some great moments from Klingon Chancellor Martok.

Overall. This book looks like it could be the start of an epic story.

Star Trek: Day of Blood #1
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