In Review: Star Trek (2022-) #18

Tzenketh is on the brink of war against the Federation…and it’s all the fault of Captain Sisko and his crew.

Synopsis: In this month’s Star Trek. Tzenketh is on the brink of war against the Federation…and it’s all the fault of Captain Sisko and his crew. A space battle between the Tzenkethi, Romulans, and Cardassians is imminent, while Tzenketh begins to tremble. The Theseus crew’s actions have exacerbated the volcanic instability of the planet—another thing the Romulans will undoubtedly pin on the Federation. The Romulan Magistrex’s plot to build an alliance that will destroy the Federation is underway, but can Sisko and his crew manage to save this savage world of glass and bone?


The Story

Tzenketh is on the brink of war on many fronts. Sisko’s every attempt to make peace and bring the Tzenkathi people to the Federation has failed. Now on the brink, Sisko is preparing his crew for battle, but when Ensign Sato picks up a communication from Doctor Crusher and Scotty the Captain is given another chance to make an impression on the Tzenkethi and prevent a terrible war.


The Artwork

The art team on this book continues to do great work. I loved the interplay between Captain Sisko and Harry Kim on the Bridge of the Theseus. The micro-expressions on Sisko and Harry Kim’s faces, when they have their heated exchange, are brilliantly done.



Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing wrap up this story and leave us with some intriguing plot threads that will be picked up on in future issues. One of which concerns Romulans and Remans. But the immediate new storyline that gets set up at the close of this story arc is likely to draw upon an ancient alien race that we first met in the original Star Trek series as well as a certain Bajoran orb.

Overall this story has been one of those stories that reminds you why you love Star Trek so much. The conflict between the Tzenkethi and Sisko’s orders and the eventual resolution of conflict and how it is achieved is very Star Trek.

Star Trek (2022-) #18
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