In Review: Star Trek (2022-) #16 – Glass And Bone

The Tzenkethi Festival of Supremacy has come at a heavy cost for Captain Sisko when a sizable chunk of Theseus crew members lose their lives to gargantuan beasts.

Synopsis: In Glass And Bone part 4. The Tzenkethi Festival of Supremacy has come at a heavy cost for Captain Sisko when a sizable chunk of Theseus crew members lose their lives to gargantuan beasts. But despite seeing through the battle and warding off the ancient reptilian species, Sisko finds himself overshadowed by the Romulans and their efforts to persuade the Tzenkethi into an allyship. All the while, Cardassia joins the bid to win over the reptilian species in hopes of taking advantage of their new war fleet. Can Sisko convince this cunning yet brute force-favoring species of Starfleet ideals…or do the Federation’s foes have a point?


The Story

Having been stabbed through the back in the last issue. Captain Sisko wakes up in Theseus’s Sickbay and receives news that The Romulans have managed some sort of diplomatic accord with The Tzenkethi and despite his best efforts Paris hasn’t been able to re-establish contact with the Tzenkethi leader. Making matters worse is the fact that The Cardassians are amassing a fleet at their border to declare war on The Tzenkethi. Added to this is the fact that Dr. Crusher and Scotty have discovered that the Tzenkethi’s planet is on borrowed time, which means it is even more urgent that Sisko finds a diplomatic solution and finds a way to remove the Romulan influence.





Marcus To and the colorist Lee Loughridge continue to give us their all in the art department. We get some gorgeous landscape work showing off the Tzenkethi planet. One particular panel toward the end of the book sees Tom Paris and his Baby girl looking out to the horizon it is simply stunning and would look great if it were made into a displate poster, but I guess they’d need to get their Star Trek licensing deal sorted first. Also enjoyable are the panels where we see Dr. Crusher and Scotty going deep into the planet’s core.



A really strong issue that adds a little more jeopardy to the storyline, but also allows for some character growth for Ensign Sato, who is the Andorian Great Grand Daughter of Enterprise NX-01’s Hoshi Sato. In the story, the Ensign has lost one of her antennae during her fight with the Tzenkethi and is struggling to deal with being on the front line and most likely to be lost in action because of her rank. Thankfully she has an ally in Harry Kim who knows more than most what it is like to be an Ensign he was stuck in that rank during his seven-year stint on USS Voyager because Captain Janeway never valued him as an officer and instead thought she’d both demote and promote Paris and Promote Tuvok and give Neelix a job. Talk about harsh. Joking aside, it is nice to see Harry Kim getting some better treatment in the comics than he got on the TV show.

Star Trek (2022-) #16 - Glass And Bone
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