In Review: Star Trek (2022-) #15

Prepared to do whatever it takes to make peace with the war-worshipping Tzenkethi and outmaneuver the Romulan Empire as their ally...

Synopsis: This month in Star Trek. Prepared to do whatever it takes to make peace with the war-worshipping Tzenkethi and outmaneuver the Romulan Empire as their ally, Captain Sisko and his crew work alongside Tzenkethi war-leader Kav’ka and Romulan Magistrex T’Galatheon to ready capital defenses in preparation for the deadly Festival of Supremacy. But Sisko soon learns that Federation ideals won’t come naturally to the reptilian species that praises survival of the fittest overall.


The Story

Picking up the story from the last issue. Sisko and the away team found themselves meeting the Tzenkethi leader who had also been in contact with a rival Romulan delegation. In order to prove themselves to the Tzenkethi Sisko and Romulan Magistrex T’Galatheon have to prepare to fight alongside the Tzenkethi in their deadly festival of Supremacy, which sees them and the Tzenkethi having to battle against monsters that are 25 feet high at the shoulder.

Meanwhile, Dr. Beverly Crusher and Captain Montgomery Scott continue to investigate the geological makeup of the planet and learn that the disturbance in the planet’s tectonic plates is even worse than they initially suspected.


The Artwork

Marcus To and the colorist Lee Loughridge continue to do a solid job with the art and get to have a little fun in this issue as they get to create the various 25ft Monsters that the Tzenkethi, Starfleet, and the Romulans must face.

They also get to do some brilliantly cinematic action beats as we see Doctor Beverly Crusher abseil down the side of a cliffside to conduct further scans of the planet’s geological structure.



This new story involving the Tzenkethy continues to provide some great moments as well as further evolving characters that regular TV viewers haven’t seen in a while. We get a great set of panels where Tom Paris asks Harry Kim what on earth has happened to him. Unsurprisingly, Harry gives Tom an answer, but it isn’t the answer he is expecting.

I also loved the interplay between Dr. Crusher and Scotty and how Scotty writes about it in his log.

Overall. This is a solid issue.

Star Trek (2022-) #15
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