In Review: Star Trek (2022-) #11

The crossover event between Star Trek and Star Trek: Defiant continues here in part three of DAY OF BLOOD!

Description: The crossover event between Star Trek and Star Trek: Defiant continues here in part three of DAY OF BLOOD! Only emissary Sisko and his crew of Starfleet’s finest and disgraced ambassador Worf and his band of insurgents can save the universe. But they are divided in every sense of the word… In space, Lieutenants Paris and Torres fight over control of the Defiant while Spock and Scotty do everything they can to keep the Theseus from being cleaved in two. On the ground, Ro and Sela have given up hope, and siblings Data and Lore can’t see eye to eye—all while their captains resist the urge to tear each other apart. Can they defeat Kahless and his Red Path when they cannot overcome their own differences?


The Story

Picking up from where the story last left off. Beverly Crusher, Sela, and their Orian friend found Martok and must attempt to revive him or save his life so they can get access to a code. Meanwhile on The Defiant Tom Paris and Torres continue to fight against time in order to make The Defiant Space worthy. Elsewhere on the Ship Ro continues to express her views about Starfleet, but gets some pushback from Ensign Sato who puts her right on a few things. Eventually, they are able to get Defiant into space and with a little help from Shax, they’ll be ready to rejoin the fight.

Back on Q’onoS Worf and Sisko have finally found Kahless and Worf’s son Alexander.


The Artwork

Angel Unzueta and Marissa Louise continue their great work with the comics artwork. The panels showing the war-ravaged planet of Q’onoS are simply stunning as are the various panels depicting the damaged interiors of The Defiant.

We have a stunning action beat where we see Sela battle several Klingons while making her way back to The Defiant along the street’s rooftops. So there is a lot to see in this issue.



Collin Kelly continues to write some great moments into the world of Star Trek comics. I really liked the exchange between Beverly Crusher and Sela where Crusher tells Sela that she is nothing like her mother and expresses her disappointment in her. This triggers a response in Sela, which sees her go into full-on hero mode. Similarly, we get another fun scene in which Ensign Sato’s idealism manages to put Ensign Ro’s penchant for cynism in its place. It’s a fascinating look at how a change of perspective or a different spin on things can get people to work in order to change an outcome.

Overall. This is a great issue that builds nicely on all of the character arcs that have been developing throughout all of the books that are involved in the crossover.


Star Trek (2022-) #11
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