In Review: Stan Lee’s Lucky Man – Season 3 Episode 8

Will Harry get his life back?

Synopsis: The odds are against Harry as he fights to get his old life back. Will this be his final gamble? The Sky original production comes to a conclusion.

Review: The complex adventures of Harry Clayton draw to a close in this finale, but it while it is the end for Harry’s adventures with the bracelet. We are left with the possibility of new adventures given that Harry is just about able to prevent blake from having his way, but with wild untempered luck.

The Story

The series concludes and we see one more casualty as Harry’s war with Samuel Blake comes to a close. The casualty concerned is DSI Gray who fights with Blake to prevent him gaining information that he needs in order to complete his vendetta.

With Gray gone, it is down to Harry with a little help from Orwell and his brother to track Blake down and prevent him from destroying the bracelets, which if destroyed could blow a huge crater into London with massive loss of life.

The finale confrontation when it comes is fantastic fun to watch and Eve has a change of heart, which ultimately tips the balance for Harry to be able to overcome Blake who has taken to wearing one of the bracelets in order to complete his task, but ultimately winds up wearing Harry’s old damaged bracelet, which pretty much evens the odds enough for Harry to have a fighting chance.

Overall the stories conclusion is satisfying as we see life continue on without Harry, but we also see Harry get a second chance at life away from London as he reconnects with his daughter.

The Acting

Overall the acting was solid in this final episode. James Nesbitt as the star was on his game, but for me, Rupert Penry Jones just about stole the show as the obsessed Samuel Blake who becomes even more dangerous and much more obsessive when he ends up wearing the bracelet.

Darren Boyd gets a nice closing scene as he delivers a speech at Harry’s fake funeral, which talks about the complexity of his former work colleague. This acts as a nice bookend for Harry Clayton’s adventures.


Overall. This show has used CGI rather conservatively and worked more with the mythology surrounding the bracelet and the character beats. But when it has used CGI it has often been to enhance the story.

All this said. We get a nice twist concerning some CGI as a bullet deflects off a railing and redirects itself in Blakes direction in the final fight scene of the show. It’s an incredibly fun effect to watch.


To sum up. I think fans that have followed this series from the very beginning will be rather satisfied with how this show has concluded. The closing shot is of one of the Torch Bearers putting the bracelets back where they belong, which suggests that Sky is leaving things open for new adventures with new characters at some future stage. I for one will definitely be on board.

Stan Lee's Lucky Man - Season 3 Episode 8
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  • Richard Yadgar
    10 September 2018 at 10:38 pm -

    Hi Ian, please could you expand on your thoughts surrounding the ending and what a ‘possible’ season 4 might be if you think there will be one?

    Might Harry Clayton still be alive? What did you take from the scene with Daisy at the end? Where does Eve’s pregnancy take us? What next for the bracelets now they’re back in Hong Kong? What should we expect from Steve’s promotion? And Rich potentially joining the force?

    • Ian Cullen
      10 September 2018 at 11:21 pm -


      The ending saw the Bracelets put back in place. Which sort of leaves things open for a different series of adventures involving new people. But my guess is that Sky probably will not go there for a while.

      As to what a season 4 might be is anyone’s guess. I do think Harry is still alive. So it wasn’t a dream sequence with Daisy. I got the impression that Harry’s funeral was faked so that he could leave the force and start a new life.

      As to Eve’s pregnancy. It’s probably Samuel Blakes child. They did get rather cozy for a while, which maybe the link we have for a possible season 4, which is maybe set 15 or 20 years in the future. Maybe Eve’s child will become obsessed with the bracelets thanks to the stories that Eve told him or her about them and the people that wore them.

      Not sure where to go with the implications of Harry’s brother joining the force. But I think if he does he’ll likely get on the wrong side of Orwell’s by the book nature when it comes to investigating crime, but a grudging respect will be there.

      All that said though. I can’t really see Sky leaping straight into a fourth season. Sure there are a few possibilities because it was implied somewhat. But I’d rather them leave it for a couple of years to make sure that they have a great story to do it with.