In Review: Stan Lee’s Lucky Man – Season 3 Episode 7

Time is running out for Harry.

Synopsis: It’s do or die for Harry when Madame Cheung warns him that time is running out. Plus, an unexpected visitor arrives at his door.

Review: Picking up from where we left off last week. This episode starts at a steady pace so as to acknowledge the tragic death of Suri, and things start as Harry goes to see Blake in Prison. All thanks to Orwell making the arrangements. Harry is once more the subject of a police manhunt and his only ally on the force that remains is a reluctant Orwell who is giving Harry enough rope so he can get to Eve.

Meanwhile, in the Prison, a planned escape is put into motion as Blake launches an elaborate plot to get himself out of jail, which is a painful plot indeed.

Elsewhere. Harry’s plans to catch up with Eve are stalled for a short time when his daughter turns up unexpectedly.

The Story

This week offered up yet more twist and turns as Eve who is still working with Blake seems to have a few wobbles, but you are left wondering if these are wobbles or just part of Blakes masterplan.

Harry’s daughter turning up always provided the small possibility that it would screw things up for Harry, but thankfully that proves not to be the case. Harry is very definitely on the clock as the bracelet is very nearly fully black, but thankfully Eve does hand him the other bracelet so he can go to Madam Cheung’s and have his bracelet removed. But again it seems to be all part of a much bigger game, which has been orchestrated by Blake who seems to have more lives than the agilest of cats.

I loved how Blake’s plot gradually unfolded right up to the moment that he manages to fake his own death with a little help from Harry.

I also loved the scene toward the end between Eve and Madam Cheung and how that builds into another confrontation between Harry and Blake. Only this time around Harry no longer has the bracelet on his wrist.


Overall. This was a very fast paced episode with a lot of twists and turns and yes. Suri is sadly missed in this episode and her death makes you wonder who else is likely to be killed before this third series comes to an end.

Will Harry be forced to wear the second bracelet in order to give him the necessary luck needed to take Blake down once and for all. Or will Eve see sense and secretly help Harry bring Blake down. How much more rope will Orwell give to Harry? Could this possibly be the final series of Lucky Man?

Stan Lee's Lucky Man - Season 3 Episode 7
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