In Review: Stan Lee’s Lucky Man – Season 3 Episode 5

Harry spots a golden chance to bring down Blake.

Synopsis: Harry spots a golden chance to bring down Blake. But he risks everything when he turns to gambling in order to fund his sting.

Review: With the team reunited Harry comes up with a plan to capture Samuel Blake, but Blake’s father who is the leader of the Wu Chi Triad could throw a proverbial spanner in the works.

It seems that Blake does not have the complete trust of his father and the Wu Chi. They basically think he has become far too obsessed with the bracelets to be effective. So Blake is going all out to prove himself to his Wu Chi father or is he?

Meanwhile, Harry thinks he has hit on the perfect sting by arranging to take the dodgy heroine off the streets and sell it back to Blake in order to get the bad stuff off the street, which is ruining the Wu Chi’s reputation. In order to fund this Harry turns to Gambling, but with the bracelet’s powers diminishing Harry is losing more than he is winning and is on the worst run of luck he has had in a long time.

Elsewhere in the episode, Harry’s brother Rich reconciles his relationship with Suri and all seems to be going well.

Overall. This was a really strong episode with some fun twists and turns and a bit of a shock ending that will make things really interesting as we move into next week. I loved the final scene between Harry and Eve where Harry almost dares her to kill him, but her feelings are so deep for him that she cannot pull the trigger. This is kind of shocking given how badly Harry has treated Eve in recent weeks. I figure that most other women would have probably pulled the trigger and had done with it.

I also enjoyed the brief scene between Suri and Orville in which a drunk Suri propositions him, but Orville being the stand-up bloke that he remains honorable and resists temptation.

This was a definite stand out episode for both James Nesbitt and Rupert Penry-Jones who bring their absolute A-game to the table. 

Stan Lee's Lucky Man - Season 3 Episode 5
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