In Review: Stan Lee’s Lucky Man Season 3 – Episode 1

Samuel Blake is going to make for a fun nemesis and Rupert Penry-Jones is perfect casting in the role. 

Synopsis: On the run and with nowhere to turn, can luck save Harry as he faces his greatest nemesis yet?

Review: The third season of ‘Lucky Man’ gets off to a fantastic start as Eve becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation, which takes Harry, Suri, and Orwell to the streets of Hong Kong where the investigation leads to a tea house and leads them to an old triad. A triad, which apparently has an interesting connection with Harry’s bracelet. Things become more intriguing and dangerous when the London Met come into possession of a video, which implicates Harry in the murder of Isabelle.

Added to all this is a new nemesis for Harry in the form of Samuel Blake who has dual citizenship and wants to destroy the bracelets, which means that both Harry and Eve are very much in his sights, but what makes Blake especially deadly is the fact that he knows about the bracelet and has managed to do something to the one that Harry is wearing, which corrupts his luck.

This is a really strong start and I like the fact that Harry is now a fugitive and does not have the protection of the police behind him, which is something that has both helped and hindered him in the past. But what makes this especially interesting is the strain that Harry’s newfound status as a fugitive has had on his friendship with Suri who has been promoted.

I loved the sequence where Eve takes Harry to the lady who is responsible for those chosen to wear the bracelets and loved the fact that we get given an explanation of its background and how they were actually created by accident. The extra line on the bracelets giving the wearer extraordinary luck.

Samuel Blake is going to make for a fun nemesis and Rupert Penry-Jones is perfect casting in the role.

The episode leaves off with Harry and Eve looking to return to London. Their intent is to get to Blake before he can get to them.

Overall. This was a really exciting hour of television and we even get a fun cameo appearance from Stan Lee who has a brief and fun exchange with Harry at a Hong Kong bar.


Stan Lee's Lucky Man Season 3 - Episode 1
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