In Review: Spiral

"...a wild bachelor party in this mind-bending psychological thriller..."

Iowa is often seen as a fly-over state, an area based on rural activities and a flat landscape devoid of any creative endeavors. However, this is far from reality.

In addition to Iowa having incredible natural beauty, there are thriving creative communities active throughout the state. One outgrowth of these creative areas is an increase in the number of film creators operating in the state.

One such filmmaker is Joe Clarke. Clarke has previously written and directed several films – including The Formula (2014) and Up on the Wooftop (2015) – and his latest is an incredible thriller named Spiral.


The summary for Spiral is as follows: “A group of college friends reunite in small town Iowa for a wild bachelor party in this mind-bending psychological thriller.”

And while this is technically true, it leaves viewers unprepared for the incredible David Lynch-inspired rollercoaster ride this film will take them on.

Similar to how the paranormal in Twin Peaks is used as a tool to explore the humanity of each character, Spiral invokes otherworldly elements as tools to examine pent up resentments between old friends.

Spiral not only tells a great story the poison that can build up between friends, the amazing scenery and houses Iowa has to offer. Clarke and his cinematographer, Ben Handler, manage to capture how amazing Iowa is in its own right, and they successfully use the landscape and settings to add the film’s dreamlike atmosphere.

Overall, Spiral is a film difficult to review without spoiling it. With that said, Spiral is an incredible experience.

You can experience Spiral yourself when it becomes available for streaming on October 16, 2018.

Starring: Anthony Stratton, Hays McEachern, Michael Vlamis, Mitch Westphal, Tyler Thirnbeck, TJ Morris, Shara McGlinn, Barrington Vaxter, Bruce Jay, and Tom Garland

Writer and Director: Joe Clarke

Cinematographer: Ben Handler

Original Music: Alex Kachingwe

Executive Producers: Paul Ruffman and Charles Tobias

Producers: Matt Sheridan, Tom Clarke, Aaron Ekland, Tim Nash, Rue Dwyer, Paul Beckman, Bill Adams, Joseph Heath, Mike Schminke, and Don Tjernagel

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