In Review: Spider-Man Homecoming Soundtrack

Michael Giacchino gets lost in some great Spider-Man music

Review: With Spider-Man Homecoming already in cinema’s. It was only a matter of time before Sony released the soundtrack and released it they have.

The music, which is composed by Michael Giacchino who is best known for his work on televisions ‘Lost’ and the ‘Star Trek’ reboot movies.

With Spider-Man it looks like Giacchino has truly explored the epic scale of what has become the staple superhero movie and allowed himself to really let rip with it.

In the past I have often criticised Giacchino’s soundtracks for sounding pretty much like the last thing he did. In fact with his first go round on ‘Star Trek’. I felt that a lot of it sounded strikingly similar to some of the work that he’d done on televisions ‘Lost’ and the ill fated ‘Alcatraz’, but with Spider-Man he seems to have broke that curse.

The composer makes great use of a mixture of instruments and there is some wonderful guitar work quite late in the collection.

It’s hard to single out any single track on this collection because it all sounds good.

One of the standouts is ‘A Stark Contrast’ which you’ll find yourself whistling along to.

We even have reprises of the original Spider-Man theme tune on and off throughout the collection and it gets used in very subtle ways as well as more in your face ways as the music plays.

Another great track is ‘High Tech Heist’ in which the composer uses staccato type notes to wonderful effect to convey the urgency and then a sudden shift in tone to a single sustained phrase on which the tune ends.

As a fan of comic book soundtracks. This has to be one of the best I have heard in recent years and I’ve heard a fair few.

The various compositions in this collection do a great job of conveying the excitement and drama that you’d see in this film.

In fact listening to the music with your eyes closed makes it easy to imagine swinging through the New York skyline.

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