In Review: Spectrum: The Worlds of Gerry Anderson #1

A new anthology starring three of Gerry Anderson's classic worlds

Description: A new anthology starring three of Gerry Anderson’s classic worlds. This comic includes new stories starring Captain Scarlet, Space Precinct, and The Terrahawks.


The Stories

Spectrum: The Worlds of Gerry Anderson is a new anthology series that features three classic properties from the worlds of Gerry Anderson.

The three stories featured in this first issue see Captain Scarlet having to investigate an oil rig that is not an oil rig in The Equinox Gambit by Steve Tanner with artwork by Pete Woods. While in Space Precinct Lt. Brogan and Officer Jack Haldane investigate a murder that reminds Brogan of a past case in The Marionette Killer by Richmond Clemments with art by James Grey

The final story features The Terrahawks and sees Mary Falconer and Sergent Major Zero placed in imminent Danger when a mysterious millionaire invites them to a museum that pays tribute to the team in Squared Away by Dan Whitehead with art by Ste Pickford


The Artwork

The art throughout all three of these stories perfectly captures the mood and feel of each of these very unique British Science Fiction shows. We get off to a strong start with a Captain Scarlet story that sees Captain Scarlet and Captain Grey having to investigate an oil rig that has ceased communicating with the mainland. Pete Woods does a brilliant job of capturing the look and feel of a near-deserted oil rig. And manages to generate a sense of danger with some fantastic panels that see Captain Scarlet foiling the latest plot from his enemy Captain Black. The panel of Black trying to make his escape in a speed boat is thrilling.

The second story features a new story from the only live-action series that is featured in this comic. The series Space Precinct was released in 1994 and was a staple in Saturday Teatime entertainment for kids and grown-up kids of the 90s.  Artist James Grey does an awesome job of bringing the show’s much-loved characters to comic book pages with a clever murder mystery that brings back a ghost from Lt Brogan’s past. The drawings of the various murder scenes depicted in this story do a solid job of showing just enough without it getting too bloody. I love the panels of Brogan and Haldane patrolling in their squad car. 

The third and final story brings back The Terrahawks in which Ste Pickford draws the characters to perfection. His take on Dr. ‘Tiger’ Ninestein perfectly matches up with the puppet version of the character that was used on the show. I also loved that the millionaire villain was wearing a disguise that made him look like Richard Branson. 



Time Bomb Comics doe a wonderful job of resurrecting these three classic Gerry Anderson TV series for comics. I truly enjoyed every single story, but if I had to pick a favorite out of the three it would be Space Precinct – The Marionette Killer. But all three stories were great value and fun to read. 

Issue one of this anthology series is available to buy on the Time Bomb website, while the second issue is presently looking for funding on Kickstarter. So if you want the second issue pledge here.

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