In Review: Sparks!

Sparks! is a sweet little romance story with a science fiction twist.

Synopsis: A happy, code-typing worker android falls in love with his human female supervisor. Just one problem: every time he sees her, his heart literally explodes.

Review: Our last review from the recent KCW Film Festival is for ‘Sparks!’, which won 1st place in the SciFiPulse Science Fiction Award for best sci-fi movie short.  Written and Directed by Robert Benjamin (Welcome to Acapulco, This Was Us, It Happens) ‘Sparks!’ is a sweet little romance story with a science fiction twist.

The Story

When a happy, code typing worker android falls in love with his human supervisor. He begins to experience breakdowns and is repeatedly sent down to be repaired until one day he is thrown on the scrap heap. Things change when the supervisor walks out on her job because she is having issues with some of her male co-workers. One of which was a boyfriend.

Our Android hero is thrown on the scrap heap.

Seeing the poor Android on the scrap heap spurs her on to take it home and repair it with a little tender loving care and a heart-shaped necklace.

The Acting

Throughout this film. The acting performances are very good. Especially good given the lack of dialogue throughout the film. To a point where when dialogue is used. It is used rather sparingly. So much of the performances are physical and done with facial expressions and movement and such.

Jane fixes the Android

Katrina Schmidt who plays the supervisor puts in a strong performance as the lady that our android Hero has fallen for. I loved the closing few scenes that she has with the Android where she is plotting revenge on her ex-boss.


‘Sparks!’ is a charming little film with a lot of heart. It has a rather fairytale quality to it and performances that make you want to get behind the principal characters and cheer them on.

The music score is beautifully done and works really well with every scene to punctuate the various story beats of the film.

Our Android gets a brand new heart

I also thought the make-up used on the android characters in the film was really believable.

Overall. This film is excellent viewing and does not get old on repeat viewings. It has sympathetic characters, a great music score, and some wonderful performances. It’s a must watch.

  • Story
  • Acting
  • Visual FX & Make-Up
  • Incidental Music

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