In Review: Space Precinct Reloaded 2030

Set 10 years before the Space Precinct TV series.

Synopsis: Set 10 years before the original series, follow Lieutenant Fontane, Altor’s first human cop, and Sergent Podly as they go up against Demeter’s sinister human trafficking underground.

Review: Space Precinct Reloaded is the first issue in a fairly new comic book series from Anderson Entertainment.

Set 10 years before the Space Precinct television show, which aired on Sky One in the early 1990’s the comic follows Lieutenant Fontane, who is the first human police officer working for the DCPD and Lieutenant Patrick Brogan’s predecessor.

The story focuses on an investigation in which partners Sergent Podly (who was the captain in the television show) and Fontane are trying to bust a human trafficking ring. Only thing is the humans being trafficked are intended as food. And the crooks trafficking them have gone to extraordinary measures to make things as difficult as possible for Demeter City’s law enforcement officers.

Admittedly this has been out for a little while. But given that have not found issue 2 as yet. I figured it would be safe to review it.

Written by Chris Thomson who also does the colors and drawn by Connor Flanagan. The comic hits the ground running and pulls you straight into the action. The writing is very in keeping with the television show. I can even hear Sergent Podly’s Irish accent, which was often a source of amusement for me when watching the TV series. The different dialects and accents that the alien residents of Demeter City had.

Connor Flanagan’s art style takes a little getting used to. It has a rather scratchy quality to it, which seems to work well for the book given that the characters are perpetually in motion throughout the story. I really enjoyed how the artwork kind of throughout the traditional panels of comic books and went with a more organic style of what almost seems like a rolling film following the police as they go through one action set piece to another.

Overall. This is a really good opening issue and it’s a great way to get yourself ready for the forthcoming re-release of Space Precinct, which comes out on DVD later in the year. I’m now looking for issue 2.

Space Precinct Reloaded 2030
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