In Review: Space Jam – A New Legacy

This time, in Space Jam - A New Legacy (2021) LeBron James stars, with a strong supporting cast. He must battle

This time, in Space Jam – A New Legacy (2021) LeBron James stars, with a strong supporting cast. He must battle to secure the lives of “the toons”. Furthermore, he’ll need to learn a brand new style of basketball, as well some life vital lessons about fatherhood , too . . .


We’re certainly in the realm of science-fiction, in Space Jam – A New Legacy. So, perfect for SciFiPulse, then. Firstly, there was always going to have to be some way to get LeBron James and his son Dominic (played by Cedric Joe) into the cartoon world. So, this meant the story would have to creative. Whilst there were many cheesy elements, there was also a lot of fun, too. Furthermore, seeing Don Cheadle as the villain, Al G. Rhythm. However, his reasons for “kidnapping” of Lebron and Dominic was only really washed over, sadly.

Once the action gets going, the narrative is relatively simple. But what keeps you interested is seeing the beloved “Looney Tunes” at their best. It’s wonderful to see how much fun it can be to still find ways to make these inventions own the screen. Additionally, there are a huge number of cameos, too. Whilst it might not be the biggest, this movie showed that Warner Bros. is still a pretty big player.


Central star, LeBron James did a fairly good job of playing himself! And, Cedric Joe put in a strong enough performance, too. Don Cheadle held his own, and made for a good villain. Support-cast wise, Star Trek Discovery’s Sonequa-Martin Green added presence, in a fictionalized version of James’ wife. But perhaps the major credit should go to the voice-cast, who really made this film happen.


CGI & Effects

Arguably, what really showed how “classic” characters were drawn was one specific scene. The “toons” get upgraded, and look notably different. As a result we see how “Bugs” and the gang’s appearance defined a generation. Seeing LeBron James in animated form was hilarious, with some really good eye for detail, too. Other aspects of the animation were similar to modern computer game graphics.


Throughout the film there are many notable characters, from the Warner Bros back catalogue. This meant that some real creativity was available, including Granny (voiced by Candi Milo) mimicking an iconic scene from The Matrix (1999). In many ways that scene was a microcosm forĀ Space Jam – A New Legacy, which was exactly what it should have been, that being a fun, partly animated caper, with some emotional narrative thrown into the mix. It’s not the greatest film you’ll see, but it’s still one that is worth the time to check out.


Coming soon (August 2021) will be a thematic poem from May The Verse Be With You, a fun weekly feature exclusive to SciFiPulse.



In Review: Space Jam - A New Legacy
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