In Review: Space Ghost Vol. 1 #2

Escaping from the wreckage of Space Colony Omicron, Jan, Jace, Blip, and their rescuer travel to the Ghost Planet

Synopsis: Escaping from the wreckage of Space Colony Omicron, Jan, Jace, Blip, and their rescuer travel to the Ghost Planet — the mysterious headquarters of the even more mysterious Space Ghost. Leaving on an urgent mission, Space Ghost gives explicit orders to the three survivors: STAY. PUT.

Two children and a monkey left alone in a secret space hero’s lair — what could possibly go wrong? (Hint: This issues also features an unexpected flight of the Phantom Cruiser!)


The Story

Picking up from where the story left off. Space Ghost has successfully rescued Jan, Jace and their pet Monkey Blip and has taken them to his home on the Ghost Planet. As they start to settle in Jace and Jan realize that their mysterious rescuer isn’t accustomed to company, which prompts Jan to request that they do a bit of grocery shopping. However, having little time for niceties the mysterious hero takes off on a mission to find out why the corporate pirates were after Blip. However, left to their own devices Jan and Jace soon find themselves in trouble when Jace and Blip decide to take a joy ride in The Ghost’s spaceship.


The Artwork

Jonathan Lau pulls off some great artwork in this second issue with a dramatic close-up shot of Jan’s face during a crucial plot point in the book. Lau gets to close this issue with a great shot of Space Ghost with Jan and Jace in full superhero costume.



David Pepose pulls off a storming second issue, which is only interrupted by a four-page preview of the new Johnny Quest comic, which comes out in August sandwiched between the prologue and main story. I think I’d have rather read the four-page preview of Johnny Quest after having read the new issue of Space Ghost, but hey that’s just me being a bit of a pedant. That miner criticism aside. I really enjoyed this second issue. The brief backstory we get about how Space Ghost came into being was nicely juxtaposed with the two kids getting used to their new situation. It also explains why the hero is a bit cagey with the kids given that he has already lost one family.

To sum up. A great second issue that built brilliantly on what was set up in issue one.



Space Ghost Vol. 1 #2
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