In Review: SPACE BANDITS #4 (OF 5)

Thena's past catches up with her in this latest issue of Mark Millar's Space Bandits.

Synopsis: The bandits pick off Cody’s enemies one by one, working their way through her old crew. But before they can wipe out the whole set, a familiar face from Thena’s past crackles over the telecast and the girls turn their vengeful attention to her ex, Viggo.

Review: Having survived a whole month since the last issue. We now have the penultimate issue of Mark Millar’s Space Bandits, which you could say is the Thelma and Louise of science fiction comic books. So without further ado. Lets review.

The Story

Picking things up from the last issue. Thena and Cody are onboard a space brothel and are about to execute their plan to kill Bowser Weex, but like always things don’t go exactly to plan as the two women find that they need a little extra help. Thankfully help is at hand in the form of some wish fulfillment for one of the Brothel’s regular clients.

As the two women plan their next move. They see a telecast that draws their vengeful attention to Thena’s ex-boyfriend. Viggo.

The Artwork

Matteo Scalera’s art continues to impress and we get some great visuals in this issue, which span the range from incredibly gruesome to extremely gorgeous. Gruesome is the fate of Bowser Weex, which gets plenty of coverage on page 11. While the beauty comes in the form of a Nibiruan White Lizard Reserve, which features on page 14.


This issue was worth the wait. I especially enjoyed the quieter moments where Cody and Thena get to do a little bonding, which sort of put me in mind of films such as Thelma and Louise. It is very apparent that seeds are being sewn for the final issue, which promises to be an absolute stonker if the final page cliffhanger is anything to go by. Like pretty much most readers. I can’t wait to see how all of this will end, but also hope it will lead to some further adventures for these two strong female characters.

Space Bandits #4
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