In Review: SPACE BANDITS #3 (OF 5)

Scores will be settled in this thrilling third issue

Synopsis: Cody has scores to settle. Armed to the hilt, she and her new partner-in-crime hunt their enemies across space, ready to take out the men that wronged them one by one. From a Quez resort to a sex party ship, they’re sneaking up on their old crew members and stealing back what’s rightfully theirs.

Review: This issue sees our two vengeful crims visit a health resort and a sex party ship, where pretty much everything is catered for.

The Story

Having escaped prison in the previous issue. Cody and Thena set about their mission of revenge on the men that screwed them over. The first stop on this quest is a Quez Resort, which is a futuristic health resort where they have a pool full of fish that can apparently eat bad tissue, heal illnesses and make old people look younger and even resurrect a person if circumstances permit. The second stop is a Space Brothel, which is a never-ending sex party which caters to pretty much any possible kink with the exception of being able to murder someone.

It’s fair to say that Cody and Thena are determined to get their revenge, but wind up in a bit of a sticky situation by the close of this issue, which is all the more reason for you to pick up next months issue.

The Artwork

Matteo Scalera provides some wonderful art this issue and gives us some wild images to take in. I particularly liked the drawing of the sex ship, which makes things pretty obvious as to what it is available onboard. I also enjoyed the various different aliens her has been drawing and look forward to seeing how these will translate to the small screen when we see them on Netflix at some stage.


This is a really fun issue with plenty of mayhem for the eyes to take in while you read how things unfold with the ladies getting their revenge. I really liked the Alien going around the Sex Ship that was asking people if he or she could murder them because they’d run out of sex acts to try and wanted to know what it felt like to kill someone. Sure it’s dark and rather twisted, but that is just representative of the chaotic world that Mark Millar has created in this book.

I look forward to the next issue. If of course, I’m still alive to read it:)

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  • Deadly Beavis
    9 September 2019 at 5:36 pm -

    It was a fun issue. Cool review. You’ll be alive. You need to see how it ends, right? Don’t give up.

    • Ian Cullen
      9 September 2019 at 9:19 pm -

      Lol. Am not giving up. The if am alive first comment was to do with if I’d die from the excitement of waiting for the next issue lol.