In Review: Space Bandits #2

The bandits are locked in a penal colony and looking to bust out.

Synopsis: The bandits are locked in a penal colony and looking to bust out. While Thena bulks up to compete in the Big Bout and earn her ticket to freedom, Cody puts her cunning mind to work on an escape plan. But how will they flee The Crustacean, and who’ll be their first target when they do?

Review: After what seems to have been the longest month ever. The second issue of Space Bandits is to hit this Wednesday and it delivers as fast a paced narrative as its first issue.

The Story

The last issue introduced us to Cody and Thena and showed us how they were both screwed over. Cody by her gang and Thena by her boyfriend. This issue sees the two of them gradually win each other’s trust as they plan to break out from The Crustacean. A prison that holds 6.000 of the galaxies most dangerous criminals.

Thena is planning to get out legitimately by winning a fight tournament, but Cody has a far more cunning plan.

The Artwork

Matteo Scalera gets some crazy stuff to do in this issue, which is packed with action and adventure. There is a fight sequence in the comic in which Thena has to fight against a Mathematical Algorithm. A task that is absolutely no issue for Scalera who works something out using an assortment of colors and shapes. It looked pretty cool, but still, find yourself boggling on how to draw a mathematical algorithm.


This second issue continues the story that was so wonderfully set up in the first issue. Mark Millar provides a hatful of fun dialogue and some of the exchanges between the main two character are already sounding very much like banter. I loved how he has Cody take Thena through her plan and the various stages of it. It felt a little like Oceans 11 meets Prison Break and Star Wars.

Overall. A really strong second issue.

Space Bandits #2
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