In Review: Soul (Disney +)

Joe a Jazz Musician finds himself on a transcendental Journey when one misstep lands him in the fantastical great before.

Synopsis: In Soul. Joe a Jazz Musician finds himself on a transcendental Journey when one misstep lands him in the fantastical great before. Where he is tasked with mentoring Soul 22.


The Story

Joe who is a music teacher by day and a Jazz musician by night is struggling to find meaning in life. However, when he scores the gig of his life as the pianist as part of a Jazz trio things begin to look up. Nevertheless, Joe’s excitement at scoring what he believes is the gig of a lifetime is cut short when he abruptly falls down a manhole.

When joe awakens. He finds himself on his way into the afterlife but refuses to go. Subsequently, he falls into the Great Before where he is given the task of mentoring Soul 22. Joe strikes up a friendship with Soul 22 who is afraid of living and has been failing to get herself into our 3D world for centuries. So she decides to help Joe.

Joe goes along with Soul 22 as they find themself transported back to Earth, but things go seriously wrong. Not only have both Joe and Soul 22 found themself on Earth. Joe’s soul has leaped into the body of a cat while Soul 22 is not inhabiting Joe’s body. In addition to this. The authorities in The Great Before are searching for a missing soul. Things only get more chaotic as this Joe learns that his life perhaps wasn’t all he thought it was.


The Acting

Jamie Foxx is perfectly cast as Jazz Musician Joe. I loved how his character is introduced while he is teaching a music class. And how that role as a teacher winds up being his purpose once more when he meets 22. Tina Fey fully embraces her role as 22 who is this rebellious spirit that has gone through thousands of mentors whose task it was to prepare her for life. The scenes between Joe and 22 make up the main part of the movies premise as the two learn about life from each other. Joe thinks he has life sussed. While 22 is seeing everything with fresh eyes.

We also get great performances from Richard Ayoade as Counsellor Jerry and Graham Norton as Moonwind.



For an animated movie aimed at family and specifically younger viewers. This film has lots going on and a lot of great humor. But it also gets rather esoteric in parts with its exploration of a person’s purpose and the meaning of life.

In this exploration. The film attempts to find answers to some of life’s biggest questions but leaves you with more questions than answers. It’s a pretty deep movie for the younger segment of its audience.

The music and animation for the film are top-notch. As are the performances. Overall. A pretty thought-provoking and fun film. I’m never going to look at my cat the same way again. She could well be a long passed relative that has come back to earth to play jazz guitar or something.


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