In Review: Solar Flare #1

A slow build that is totally worth the ride.

Synopsis: The world is not what it once was. A massive solar flare has made its way to earth, and our way of life has drastically changed forever. Jake is a man who had a good life, a loving daughter, good friends, and a successful job kept him content, but that life has become incredibly complicated since the world changed. With all that Jake holds dear in the balance, who will he become to reunite and protect those he holds dear? (My money is on him becoming a monster to save the aspects of his life that made him human.)

Review: There are so many good things about Solar Flare #1, but I am going to do my best to make this review as streamlined as possible. The establishing pages show us two men who seem somewhat seasoned to their difficult surroundings. James Haick does a great job with the dialogue here. The reader gets just enough information here, and it frames the rest of the story so perfectly. The bulk of this issue sets the stakes. We see the world before the paradigm shift. Sometimes, structuring a narrative this way leaves a lot to be desired, yet it works. Seeing Jake’s life at its zenith only makes the fall that much more palpable and interesting.

Solar Flare has the best artist it could ask for. The world feels lived in; it feels complete. The shading and texture work for the backgrounds is really strong, and it carries the tone of the book well. The character designs are also spot on. People look distinct, and their emotions feel truly organic. Thus, the reader gets to see the nuances between characters as they interact with each other. Small details such as these are the foundation to a fully realized world, and the work shows.

The debut issue of Solar Flare fires on all cylinders. The story remains interesting throughout the issue, the art fits perfectly, and the cliffhanger really sparks the desire to delve deeper into this world. This new comic is a winner.


Solar Flare #1
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