In Review: Snowpiercer (S3 – EP6) Born To Bleed

Born to Bleed reveals the identity of the bomber, Layton comes to terms with his past decisions before making an irreversible call

Synopsis: Born to Bleed reveals the identity of the bomber, Layton comes to terms with his past decisions before making an irreversible call.


The Story

Picking up the story from last week. Layton and Zarah are recuperating after the bomb attack unaware that the bomber is Pike who is leading the detachment of Tailies that are protecting them. While investigating the bomb attacks. Till learns that the bomber used a Tailie recipe book for the bomb, but only members of the tailie council were aware of this book. When she gets word back to Layton. He suddenly realizes that his attacker is Pike and the hunt is on as Pike makes a mad dash for it.

Meanwhile, Audrey who has been on her best behavior gets an unsanctioned visit with Wilfred but finds him to be a shadow of his former self. He seems to have no fight left. Infuriated by this. Audrey leaves in disgust. Elsewhere on the Train Alex reaches out to Roaches daughter and attempts to help her mend her relationship with her father.



This episode really showcases Daveed Diggs and Steven Ogg as we finally see Layton and Pike face off against each other in order to try and come to terms with each other’s differences. Over the course of the series. Pike has always been somewhat reluctant to play along with Layton’s plans and as Layton became more and more of a politician. Pike becomes more and more distanced from him. Further complicating the relationship is the fact that Pike doesn’t appreciate the deceptive games that he feels Layton is playing. Especially when it comes to the lives and the welfare of the people that still live in the tail section.

All of this winds up being played out when the two men agree to meet and discuss their differences. But it is pretty clear from the offset that it is going to end in blood. Which makes the episode’s title Born to Bleed all the more appropriate.



Another solid character-driven episode. But also a rather sad episode as we say goodbye to one of the show’s most complex and interesting characters. Thankfully, there are plenty more characters for this show to explore as more cracks will likely begin to show up in Layton’s plans.

Snowpiercer (S3 - EP6) Born To Bleed
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