In Review: Snowpiercer (S3 – EP4) Bound by One Track

Alex finally deals with her parental figures as a track obstruction uncovers a painful past.

Synopsis: In Bound By One Track. Alex finally deals with her parental figures as a track obstruction uncovers a painful past. Meanwhile, Roche having been thawed out has an issue to deal with.


The Story

Having retaken the train in last week’s episode. Layton and his crew have set a course for an area in Africa where they believe the weather has warmed enough for them to resettle. But not knowing for sure. Layton has enlisted the help of newcomer Asha to help create hope for a positive outcome. However, their plans get stalled when they are bound by a section of track, which is blocked by three train carriages from Big Alice. In order to clear the tracks. Layton sends Ben and Alex out to unlock the carriages so that Snowpiercer can push them aside and continue her journey. Unfortunately, this means that Alex has to relive past traumas from having witnessed Mr. Wilfred allow people to freeze to death in the abandoned carriages.

Elsewhere, Roche having been thawed out in last week’s episode is dealing with the loss of his wife and goes after Mr. Wilfred.

Layton finds out that Wilfred has Dr. Headwood conduct genetic alterations on his future child. He is further annoyed when he learns that his partner Zara allowed the alterations to be made.


The Acting

Rowan Blanchard puts in a fantastic performance as we get to see Alex dealing with the grief of losing her mother as well as the trauma of having seen one of Mr. Wilfred’s most heinous atrocities. Thanks to a hallucination of Melanie Cavill (Jennifer Connelly). Alex Cavill is gradually able to help Ben move the train carriages, but also come to terms with the fact that her story and that of Mr. Wilfred are one and the same. Making matters even more interesting is the fact that Wilfred who is in prison is also having a dialogue with his own hallucinations of Melanie Cavill.



A strong episode, which sets a few things up that we’ll see develop in the weeks ahead. I’ve really been enjoying the gradual unfoldment of Pike and Ruth’s relationship, which was taken to another level this week. But the most interesting aspect of this series is its deep dive into the human condition and its willingness to give us a warts and all approach. I mean the fact that Layton is pinning the train’s hopes on a dream that he can’t even prove as real is pretty big.

It’s going to be fun to see how all of this plays out. Will Layton’s lie get found out by the wider population of the train?

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