In Review: Snowpiercer (S2 Ep7) Our Answer for Everything

Layton and Till investigate the murders
Our Answer for Everything

Synopsis: In ‘Our Answer for Everything’. Layton and Till investigate the murders. Wilford leads Miss Audrey down a dark path.


The Story

After the attack launched on the Breechmen in the last episode to take place on the train. Bess Till and Layton set about investigating the who and the why behind it. And find that the answer is closer than they think it is. Also, Ruth comes to realize that her blind adherence to rules has consequences and slowly begins to win Layton’s trust.

Back down train in Big Alice. Mr. Wilfred tests Audrey’s loyalty and sends her down a very dark path.

Meanwhile back on the Snowpierce side of the train. Pike is targeted by a mob that is hunting down tailies for the recent Breachman attack.


The Acting

This episode’s acting gongs go to Mickey Sumner who gets a lot more space in this chapter of the story. Bess Til has been a pretty complex character from the start. And was one of the earliest characters from the old regime to see Layton’s point of view and stand with him. But it has come at a cost. Which is something that she says in her brief monologue at the beginning. She is sick of the killing and the violence and death. But on Snowpiercer it has become “Our Answer for Everything”. Really powerful words and a huge tell that Bess is struggling with some of the decisions she has had to make.

The second gong goes to Alison Wright who plays Ruth. Over the course of the series, Ruth is another character that has been on a real journey of growth. And this episode sees some of it pay off when she goes looking for young Winnie. Cast your mind back to the very first episode and you will remember that it was Winnie’s mother that Ruth ordered to be de-armed. The scene where Ruth has to persuade Winnie to trust her is brilliantly performed.



A really strong episode. Which goes quite some way to explaining why Snowpiercer seemed to pass right by when Melanie tried to reconnect in the final moments of last week. We get some interesting dives into the characters and it was great seeing Ruth have her epiphany. Quite how that realization will develop in weeks to come remains to be seen. But it was a great moment.

Snowpiercer (S2 Ep7) Our Answer for Everything
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