In Review: Snowpiercer (S2 – Ep6) Many Miles From Snowpiercer

Mel arrives at the research station and makes some startling discoveries while struggling to survive
Many Miles from Snowpiercer

Synopsis: In ‘Many Miles from Snowpiercer’. Mel arrives at the research station and makes some startling discoveries while struggling to survive. She thinks back to the days before the freeze.


The Story

This episode gives us some insight into Melanie’s time at the research station and some of the struggles she has to go through in order to stay alive. To begin with. Melanie’s arrival at the station sees her lose her sled and supplies to an avalanche. So she struggles to cobble together enough of the station’s food supplies in order to stay alive. This is an issue given that the previous occupants of the station wound up turning to cannibalism because there wasn’t enough food.

Over the course of the episode. We see Melanie struggle to keep the station powered up as several things happen to make life harder for her. Added to this. She is hallucinating and seeing Mr. Wilfred who is discouraging, to say the least. She also sees Layton and Alexandra who seem to spur her on somewhat.

By the close of the episode. Melanie has achieved what she set out to do. But her struggles are only just beginning.


The Acting

Jennifer Connelly gets to shine in this episode in which we see Melanie Cavill struggle through some dire circumstances as the elements conspire against her. The scenes where she has the hallucinatory conversations with Mr. Wilfred (Sean Bean) are brilliantly done. They act as brilliant juxtaposition for the flashback scenes, which show the build-up to Melanie’s decision to leave Wilfred behind.



‘Many Miles from Snowpiercer’ was a brilliant way to explore some of Melanie’s backstory and the events that built up to her decision to take Snowpiercer. It also showed us more of Melanie’s grit and resourcefulness.

I loved the sequence where she finds the rats living in the station. The discovery of how they have managed to stay alive and the majority of humanity hasn’t was a lot of fun.

Loved the scenes where Mel was having conversations with Layton, Wilfred, and Alexandra and how those imaginary conversations motivated her.

Overall. A solid episode, but that ending will keep us all guessing until next week.


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Snowpiercer (S2 - Ep6) Many Miles From Snowpiercer
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