In Review: Snowpiercer (S2 – Ep4) A Single Trade

The Big Alice crew are granted shore leave on Snowpiercer, Layton and Wilford have differing opinions on the future.
A Single Trade

Synopsis: In ‘A Single Trade’. The Big Alice crew are granted shore leave on Snowpiercer, Layton and Wilford have differing opinions on the future.


The Story

Mr. Wifred opens up a trade negotiation with Layton. The Big Alice section of the train wants a night out. and will treat Snowpiercers frostbite patients in the exchange. Layton sees this exchange as a potential opportunity to find allies in the Big Alice section. Whereas Wilfred is using it as an opportunity to re-acquaint himself with Miss Audrey.

So, a deal is set and preparations are made. Layton uses the event as a means of celebrating contact with Melanie Cavill. In order to make sure things go smoothly, Layton asks Miss Audrey to Entertain Mr. Wilfred in the hopes of making him more pliable to suggestion. Audrey was a high-class Escort in her life before the train and Wilfred was obsessed with her. So Layton is asking an awful lot of her. Indeed it is a single trade that comes with a good deal of trauma for Audrey due to Wilfred’s appetites being a tad on the sadistic side.

In order to treat her burns. Josie is transferred to the Big Alice side of the train. Where she will get treatment, but also take notes for Layton should she survive.


The Acting

It goes without saying the game is on. And the performances from Daveed Diggs and Sean Bean definitely sizzle as the two alpha males engage in taking each other’s measure. The scene where Layton reminds Wilfred that the Snowpiercer is no longer his train. Pretty much says it all.

Diggs also has a good scene early on where he reiterates his mistrust of Ruth. This triggers a nice scene between Alison Wright and Sheila Vand. As Ruth confides in Zarah about how hurt she feels by Layton’s attitude. Ruth admits that she admires Wilfred, but reminds Zarah that her first duty is always to the running of the train. In order to help Ruth. Zarah suggests that she join her in hospitality in the hopes that it can help Ruth with Layton.

We also get a fantastic performance from Lena Hall as Miss Audrey as we learn more about her backstory as she is made to relive an awful trauma while in the company of Mr. Wilfred.



This was another fantastic episode, which was packed to the rafters with detail. Till’s new role as train detective comes under a bit of pressure as she finds it difficult to detach her feelings from the equation as she is obviously dealing with some PTSD. It comes to a head when a bunch of Tailies attack Breachman Boscovic because of his loyalty toward Mr. Wilfred.

We also get an interesting scene in which Alexandra and L.J. Folger get re-acquainted. Quite where that relationship is going to go as yet remains to be seen.

The story concerning Audrey’s past with Wilfred pretty much takes up the bulk of this episode, but it isn’t to the detriment of the other ongoing story threads.


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Snowpiercer (S2 - Ep4) A Single Trade
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