In Review: Snowpiercer (S2 – EP2) Smolder to Life

An exchange is made...
Smolder to life

Synopsis: In ‘Smolder to Life’. An exchange is made between the two trains, but a greater revelation might be just over the horizon.


The Story

Tensions on board the Snowpiercer have risen since the arrival of Mr. Wilfred and Big Alice has divided its people. Subsequently, some of the tailies are being attacked by people that are loyal to Wilfred. When Light is attacked and loses a couple of fingers. Layton promotes Bess Till to Train detective in order to open an investigation.

Meanwhile, Mr. Wilfred who still has Melanie as a prisoner arranges a prisoner transfer so he can get the measure of Layton. Melanie is swapped for Wilfred’s head Porter Kevin. But when Wilfred learns that Kevin took food from the Snowpiercer crew he orders him to take his own life.

With Melanie back with the Snowpiercer. She reports her suspicions that the Earth may be warming sooner than expected and sends a probe up into the atmosphere to learn more. Learning that the planet’s temperature is on the rise. A summit between the Snowpiercer and Big Alice crews is called. Wilfred tasks Alexandra with the task of murdering Melanie, but as soon as he learns that the planet could be warming. He revokes the order.


The Acting

‘Smolder to Life’ offers up some solid acting performances. Mickey Sumner gets more to do this week as a reluctant Bess Till who grows into her promotion as Train detective. I particularly enjoyed her scene with Pastor Logan in which she very carefully questions him in a very methodical way.

Additionally, we get strong performances from both Jennifer Connelly and Daveed Diggs as we see Melanie and Layton begin to work much closer together as a team. I really enjoyed the scene in which they briefly discuss a strategic way in which they can deal with Mr. Wilfred who is played brilliantly by Sean Bean.



Building on events from last week’s episode. ‘Smolder to Light’ expands the story and adds some interesting new plot threads to the story arc. It also reveals that Josie, who we believed to have died in the last season has actually survived her ordeal. This revelation will likely impact Layton’s emotional state given that he was starting to move on.

Sean Bean continues to be a brilliant choice for the villainous Mr. Wilfred and continues to keep things interesting for the series.

Snowpiercer (S2 - EP2) Smolder to Life
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