In Review: Snowpiercer (S2-Ep1) The Time of Two Engines

With Big Alice controlling Snowpiercer's fate, Layton plans a fight back.
The Time of Two Engines

Synopsis: In ‘The Time of Two Engines’. Things pick up from where the last series left off. With Big Alice controlling Snowpiercer’s fate, Layton plans a fight back. On Big Alice, Melanie confronts Mr. Wilfred and reunites with her daughter.


The Story

Continuing the story from last season. ‘The Time of Two Engines’ sees Layton’s plans to get a democratic government in place on Snowpiercer put on hold. Indeed, Big Alice, the prototype Engine on what Snowpiercer was developed from has thrown a massive spanner in the works. Furthermore, Mr. Wilfred is very much alive and has plans to rule Snowpiercer with an iron fist.

Meanwhile, Melanie who is now Wilfred’s prisoner managed to commit a few small acts of sabotage before her capture.

Back on the Snowpiercer side of the train. Layton announces martial law and begins plans to rescue Melanie from the Big Alice side. Unfortunately, the plan isn’t perfect. But they do manage to capture a key member of Mr. Wilfred’s crew.


The Acting

The new season of Snowpiercer offers up some new characters. The most noteworthy of course is Mr. Wilfred who is played brilliantly by Sean Bean. His scenes with Melanie (Jennifer Connelly) are done brilliantly and really inform us of their past history. Rowan Blanchard also puts in a strong performance as Melanie’s daughter Alexandra Cavill. Mr. Wilfred has turned Alexandra against Melanie.

In terms of the older characters. Daveed Diggs continues to add layers to Layton who once again finds himself and the tailies on the backfoot. Layton gets some fun scenes with Ruth (Alison Wright) is now head of hospitality on Snowpiercer. Ruth is one of the more interesting characters on this show in that she tends to bend to whichever way the wind is blowing. And it’s pretty obvious that Layton doesn’t trust her.



‘The Time of Two Engines’ does a great job of setting up this second season of Snowpiercer. We’re introduced to Mr. Wilfred and see him living in luxury and regarded as a king by his crew. It’s pretty obvious they are all in fear of him.

Meanwhile, we have Melanie’s reunion with her daughter being somewhat less than ideal. Firstly, Mr. Wilfred has spent the past few years poisoning Alexandra against her mother. Which will make Melanie’s life more difficult because she will not be able to count on her daughter for help. At least not for the immediate future.

Snowpiercer (S2-Ep1) The Time of Two Engines
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