In Review: Sleepy Hollow, Episode 27 “Kali Yuga”

The scenes with Mason and Beharie continue to resonate, and Greenwood and Jones are a joy.

Sleepy Hollow, Episode 27 “Kali Yuga” Broadcast on January 26, 2015

Teleplay by Sam Chalsen & Nelson Graves

Story by Heather V. Regnier

Directed by Doug Aarniokoski

“Previously on Sleepy Hollow” Abbie and Ichabod are arguing, and Abbie meets Orion the angel. In a karaoke bar Abbie sings “Crazy.” Jenny asks Ichabod if he and her sister are okay since “You two have been spending a lot less time together.” He says they’re fine, and before he can pick a song to sing, Nick says he has to go. He’s received a call on a deal. He drives to a dump to meet with someone he hadn’t expected–Carmilla Pines. “I’ve been avoiding you for about a decade,” he tells her. She’s there to ask him to help her rob Theodore Knox’s estate. “You owe me, Nicky,” she says with pronounced fangs. “Time to pay your debt.” At the bar, Ichabod sings a shanty he’s familiar with, giving the Mills sisters time to talk; with Jenny asking about Abbie about her and Ichabod. After Ichabod’s song, Hawley hasn’t returned as he promised and the three decide to go looking for him, but they’re interrupted by a silent alarm that Abbie’s received that the Archives have been breached. Once there they find the room turned, with Hawley escaping. Jenny follows him into the subterranean tunnels. “Go back,” he pleads. “I’ll explain later!” Jenny pursues him further until being knocked to the ground by Carmilla. Before the woman can do any harm to the elder Mills, an arrow protrudes from her chest, shot by Ichabod from his crossbow–he and Abbie have arrived. The woman’s fingers grow elongated and she pulls the arrow from her chest. Her hair has become a long black matted mess and her skin is littered with blue veins. She howls and bolts from the scene. Abbie asks, “What the hell was that?” Cue opening title sequence and first commercial break.

A good caper episode that focused on Nick, but also allowing viewers to see that Jenny is truly in love with the rogue. The episode had Ichabod and Abbie confronting their current working relationship, and it seems as though they’ve hashed out their differences. This episode also features Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie singing, solo and together. Their final number was fun and on key. I would love to see the karaoke bar become a regular setting–I’d love for it to be Sleepy Hollow’s The Bronze. Lyndie Greenwood got to kick some butt and show some good emotions, not to mention going hard core in a thrift store. I can still hear the crack! I did have some issues with Nick going along with Carmilla after he got her what she wanted–I would expect someone like him to have a back up plan to get away, rather than submit blindly. Jaime Murray was seductive as Carmilla and she looked fantastic when she transformed completely–so big congrats to design, make-up, and the CG department. And I can’t forget Orlando Jones who has an early revelation, followed by a question, that is resolved, but leads to something else entirely in the final shot of the show. I love Mr. Jones and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for poor Mr. Irving.

The good: Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie singing, an excellent death trap, a good monster, Lyndie Greenwood, and Orlando Jones.

Fun lines: “One and done,” “You shoot, she dies,” “I’m gonna kick his ass,” “Thank you, yoga class,” which was quickly followed by “I’m still not going back.”

The bad: Nick went along too easily and should have been more prepared for a swift exit, the statue looked cheesy, and the climax with the Vitala was disappointing.

The final line: Not perfect, but fun. The scenes with Mason and Beharie continue to resonate, and Greenwood and Jones are a joy. Overall grade: B

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