In Review: Skybourne #4

As Merlin takes his final steps to eliminate humanity, Skybourne must contend with not only a dragon, but an ancient unearthed evil

Synopsis: As Merlin takes his final steps to eliminate humanity, Skybourne must contend with not only a dragon, but an ancient unearthed evil in order to defeat the magician once and for all.

Review: All hell has broke loose at the base and Skybourne and his friends must hold off a horde of supernatural nasties while simultaneously trying to prevent Merlin and his dragon from getting to level 12.

This penultimate issue in the series is packed full of surprises and the mother of all battles as Skybourne and his troops battle their way through the various levels against all manner of mythical beasties.

Meanwhile it seems like Merlin who has a kick ass dragon for his ally seems to be several steps ahead of Skybourne.

The writing by Frank Cho who also does the art is spot on.

I loved the humour in this comic. Specially when some of the soldiers come across a few mythical creatures having some cheeky sex and a soldier asking, “What should we do. Shoot them?”

This issue pretty much sets things in motion for the final battle between Skybourne and Merlin, but it now appears that Skybourne will now be able to count on his sister for some added help. She’d been killed in the first issue, but this issue sees her brought back.

The art work is absolutely great. I love Cho’s Dragons and the way in which he has drawn all the creatures and given them all a character.

The panels in which we see a dragon trying to savage a mermaid was particularly good. It really had me on the edge of my seat hoping that the soldiers would be able to save the Mermaid.

If I have one criticism about this series to date. Its the wait between issues. It feels like have waited at least two a three months for this issue to come out. It’s as well that I subscribed at the very start because if I hadn’t have. I doubt I would have kept up to date with it.

I now anxiously wait until the next issue and hope that it is not going to be to long of a wait.

Skybourne #4
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