In Review: Skybourne #3

Skybourne’s history with Merlin is revealed as he trains to defeat him.

Synopsis: Skybourne’s history with Merlin is revealed as he trains to defeat him.

Review: Frank Cho’s futuristic fantasy, which sheds a fresh light on Arthurian legends comes to a head as we learn of Skybourne’s connection with Merlin and hour the great Wizard went mad after the fall of camelot.

The artwork and writing on this series has been fantastic. I especially loved the sequence in which our hero Skybourne was battling a dragon.

I’m not sure if Frank Cho is doing the colours as well on this series, but if he is. He’s doing a fantastic job.

Narratively speaking for a five issue mini series. I’d expect the story to be a little further along than it is, but that said the flashback sequence to the fall of Camelot and hearing about Merlins meltdown was really well done and has me wondering if Skybourne will try and kill Merlin or help him on a path to redemption.

Boom Studios have a great comic book series here. It is a series that could easily translate to a feature film or animated movie if treated right.

I look forward to the next issue to see where things will go.

Skybourne #3
  • The Good: The flashbacks to the fall of Camelot
  • The Bad: I'd expect the overall story to be a little further along by now.
  • Covers
  • Story
  • Artwork
  • Lettering
  • Colours

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