In Review: Skybourne #2

In the wake of Merlin’s attack on his sister, Skybourne’s quest for revenge is at a fever pitch.

Synopsis: In the wake of Merlin’s attack on his sister, Skybourne’s quest for revenge is at a fever pitch.

Review: This issue introduces us to the titular character who learns that his sister has been killed while on a mission for a covert organisation, which specialises in the retrieval of magical artefacts for the betterment of man kind.

This issue opens up in a remote area of China with the Cardinal affectionately known as Swiggy visiting Thomas Skybourne who has been in a self imposed exhale for 29 years. Swiggy has to persuade Thomas to come out of retirement as well as inform him of his sisters death. Which is a big deal given that Thomas’s sister was immortal and pretty much indestructible like him.

Thomas agrees to go back to the mountain top base with Swiggy and learns of all manner of administrative changes that have happened in his absence.

As part of his training Thomas has to take on a minotaur, but does not fair to well in the battle.

Meanwhile somewhere in Eastern Europe Merlin has awoke some Dragons from their deep slumber and is set to take back what was once his.

Frank Cho’s second issue of Skybourne makes a lot more sense than the first. The first issue, which I reviewed last month pretty much saw Thomas’s sister on a mission and saw her get killed by Merlin, but it had none of world building that we see in issue two.

This issue picks things up on the run and we get an absolute epic info dump where we learn a little about the covert organisation that Thomas works for.

I particularly enjoyed the banter between Swiggy and Thomas at the start of the issue and I love that this world has pre cogs and psychics and such.

Love the use of mythology in this book and the fact that Merlin is portrayed as more of a villain.

I look forward to see how things move along in the next issue.

Skybourne #2
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