In Review: Sherlock Holmes #1

Descended from the man who inspired the world's most famous detective, Spencer Holmes was orphaned at a young age, never knowing her true lineage.

Synopsis: Descended from the man who inspired the world’s most famous detective, Spencer Holmes was orphaned at a young age, never knowing her true lineage. But when her uncle suddenly returns to her life, she discovers the abilities of the Holmes family have been passed down to her, and that knowledge may cost Spencer her life–the same way it cost her parents theirs. Don’t miss this origin story of the newest hero in the Zenescope Universe.


The Story

In this new take on Sherlock Holmes Zenescope creates a new descendent of Sherlock Holmes and brings forth a whole new backstory for her. In this first issue, Spencer Holmes recounts the events that brought her to the fore as the world’s greatest detective and the world’s greatest hero for the forces of light. In part, this opening issue is a tie-in with Zenescope’s recent Grimm Spotlight: Lovecraft’s Legacy as Spencer Holmes recounts her first adventure to H.P. Lovecraft who has her under hypnosis. While talking to Lovecraft Spencer talks about how her Uncle found her and how he used her to help him find a rare scepter with a powerful gemstone. However, it would seem that Holmes and her uncle are not the only people looking for the Gemstone. As a group of sea monsters led by a monster called Dagan.


The Artwork

Credited to various artists. This book’s art is really nice and kept me engaged throughout the story. It’s really obvious that Zenescope is looking to combine the mystery of Sherlock Holmes with the scary monsters from the works of H.P. Lovecraft because we see some awesome illustrations of Cthulhu. I also loved the artwork that depicted the old 1930s village where Spencer and her Uncle went to recover her late father’s amulet.



I found this 75-page origin story for Spencer Holmes to be really entertaining and think that they’d be better served calling the book Spencer Holmes as opposed to selling it as Sherlock as they move forward. The characters were fun and engaging and Spencer was very easy to like. Especially given the trauma that she experiences during this first adventure.

Sherlock Holmes #1
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