In Review: Sheena: Queen Of The Jungle #9

Sheena is faced with a horrific choice in this issue.

Synopsis: Betrayal and heartache await Sheena as she wakes to find herself captured by the vicious head of Cadwell Industries. To her horror, she’s not the only one taken captive! With no weapons to defend herself and no chance of escape, Sheena is forced to make a terrible choice–to save one friend’s life at the expense of another.

Review: Issue nine picks things right up from where it all left off last month. Sheena has been captured and Caldwell is using Chano and Lirio as a means to keep Sheena in check by making her choose which one of her friends get to live.

But with three monsters on the loose. Sheena has bigger fish to fry and must escape her tormentors to send the monsters back from where they came.

This issue is packed to the rafters with bad guys fighting amongst themselves while Sheena and her friends try and sort everything out and restore the balance.

Marguerite Bennett and Christina Trujillo have a really solid understanding of Sheena’s character and it has shone through in pretty much every issue that’s been put out thus far.

I love how Chano and Lirio have become more involved in helping Sheena and their relationship is fun to read.

The artwork from M.L. Sanapo continues to capture the action and emotional beats of the characters in the book. I especially liked Lirio’s frightened expression as she and Chano barely escape being eaten by one of the monsters. And the closing page, which leaves things on a huge cliffhanger is simply gorgeous to look at.

Overall. This issue builds at a rapid pace and is obviously drawing this chapter of the story to its natural end, which we’ll likely see in the next issue. All that said. I somehow think Sheena will most likely have a few more encounters with Caldwell Industries in the months to come. They are proving to be a recurring threat.

Sheena: Queen Of The Jungle #9
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