In Review: Sheena: Queen Of The Jungle #8

Betrayal and heartache await Sheena as she wakes to find herself captured by the vicious head of Cadwell Industries.

Synopsis: Betrayal and heartache await Sheena as she wakes to find herself captured by the vicious head of Cadwell Industries. To her horror, she’s not the only one taken captive! With no weapons to defend herself and no chance of escape, Sheena is forced to make a terrible choice–to save one friend’s life at the expense of another.

Review: This issue sees Sheena being somewhat tormented by Mr. Cadwell’s scientist daughter who plans to eventually dissect her and literally pick her brains.

Marguerite Bennett and Christina Trujillo continues to be a real page-turner and the introduction of Mr. Cadwell couldn’t have been done any better than it is here. In some ways, he is reminiscent of the classic Bond villain with the sheer scale of his plans and his delusions of grandeur.  His dialogue is really well paced and like all comic book villains, he pretty much outlines what his plans are.

It very much looks like Sheena has been dealt a losing hand in this issue as she is forced to choose between two of her friends or do whatever Cadwell wants of her, which is essential to open the doors to the ancient temple. But Cadwell doesn’t count on Sheena’s friends being as brave as she is.

M.L. Sanapo continues to shine. Even though this chapter of the story takes place in the cold and corporate setting of Cadwell industries research center. There’s a great sequence where Sheena breaks out of her cage, which is fantastically drawn. I especially liked the reaction on the face of Sheena’s tormentor.

Overall. This is a fantastic issue that sees the story moved forward, the issue starts off with a nice flashback to Sheena’s early childhood. Hopefully, we get to see Sheena’s mother return in the next issue. Issue seven was a really great issue in which mother and daughter reconnected and it be nice to see that paid off a bit more.

Sheena: Queen Of The Jungle #8
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