In Review: Sheena: Queen Of The Jungle #4

Synopsis: Monsters from myths and nightmare explode from the rot of time, and hunger for living flesh! Sheena now has to find a way to stop both the creatures...

Synopsis: Monsters from myths and nightmare explode from the rot of time, and hunger for living flesh! Sheena now has to find a way to stop both the creatures and Cadwell’s men before the unthinkable happens and the forest she calls home is forever destroyed.

Review: Sheena and Chano have found the man that Cadwell’s thugs sent her off to look for, but time is fast running out and it appears that the mystery of why the First People boobie trapped their temple has been solved.

In a race against time, Sheena must dash back to her tribe’s elders to warn them of the looming threat posed by the Face Stealers. An ancient threat, which the First People tried to protect the forest tribe’s from.

Making matters more complex is that Sheena not only has to convince her own people. She also must convince Cadwell’s men. The very people that have unearthed the threat.

This fourth issue in the series revealed a lot about the temple that Sheena has been investigating since issue two. Chano and Sheena now have a bond of trust between them, which comes in useful when they both try to convince Cadwell’s men about the threat.

Marguerite Bennett and Christina Trujillo did a fantastic job with the dialogue between Sheena and Cadwell’s lead thug toward the close of the book. They have also done a really good job of slowly teasing plot information throughout the comics first four issues.

The art by Moritat delivers some real thrills. His drawing of the Face Stealers was really good in that you could definitely see the face’s, but they were not very well defined, which added to the creep factor. I also enjoyed the panels in which Sheena is taking them on and comes to a realization while doing so.

Overall. This fourth issue delivers more on plot than character beats. The writers used a lot of character beats in the earlier issues to get us to care. Now they are delivering some real danger and situations in order to make us get behind these characters and feel the shock and awe while whooping at their every victory.

The cliffhanger we are left with has been well earned.

Sheena: Queen Of The Jungle #4
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