In Review: Sheena: Queen Of The Jungle #3

Sheena must navigate the forbidden temple grounds or risk losing the key to saving her home

Synopsis: Sheena must navigate the forbidden temple grounds or risk losing the key to saving her home, but something deep within the temple has awoken…Something hungry.

Review: Marguerite Bennett and Christina Trujillo continue their rip-snorting tale with a beastly twist. In this third issue, Sheena and Chano must escape into the temple from some death blossoms, which need the moonlight to hunt.

Eventually, our heroic duo makes it to the temple where Chano discovers an ancient text that Sheena is not familiar with, but is definitely the work of settlers from before her tribe. The temple is full of traps and Sheena finds evidence of the surveyor still being in the temple, but is he dead or alive.

The relationship between Chano and Sheena has really started to blossom and with absolutely no help from the killer blossoms. Bennett and Trujillo have really penned some great character beats between the two as they mutually depend on each other to ensure each others survival, but it is Sheena that is fairing much better than Chano who is a bit of a dweeb. There are too many great sequences to mention in this issue, but absolutely nothing gets wasted.

The art from Moritat continues to impress. I’m really enjoying the line work in combination with the colours and changes in tome when we go from a jungle at night time to a cave, which is lit by a flaming torch.

Also drawn really well are the action beats. When you see the panels with Sheena in full action it is feral and savage, but with a degree of control and precision that you’d expect from someone that is a skilled warrior.  I particularly enjoyed the sequence in the early part of the book where she is hacking at the death blossoms and trying to awake Chano from their spell.

Overall. This is a strong third issue, which sets up things brilliantly for next month with a savage cliffhanger.

Sheena: Queen Of The Jungle #3
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