In Review: Sheena: Queen Of The Jungle #2

Sheena's hunt for the missing Surveyor continues.

Synopsis: With 24 hours to find a missing man and save her village from extermination, Sheena must trespass deeper into the forest than she has ever gone before!

Review: Marguerite Bennett and Christina Trujillo continue their Sheena Queen Of The Jungle story as the hunt for the surveyor continues.

As Sheena tacks through the jungle, she meets a university student who is as determined to stop the evil Cadwell Industries from spoiling the Jungle. Sheena forms an uneasy alliance with the student and deals with his questions about her abilities with mild agitation.

The dialogue between Sheena and the student is lots of fun. I particularly enjoyed Sheena telling the student to trust in the mother of the forest and be thankful for the gifts she has bestowed him. I also enjoyed her agitation at the student’s use of modern technology and her critique of his aftershave.

The artwork by Moritat is consistent throughout. I particularly enjoyed the full page we got of Sheena, which almost had a pin-up quality to it. I also particularly enjoyed the sequence where Sheena communicates with the Jaguars, which also leads to one of the comics funnier moments.

The color palette used throughout the comic consistently offers up the lush greens and blues that you’d expect to get while traipsing through a jungle. The colors used for the big cats in the Jaguar panels were stunning. Even my own domestic cat was convinced and was staring at my monitor with fascination.

With just two issues in. We are to get to the bottom of what Cadwell wants and if they will follow throughout their threat to destroy Sheena’s people. Hopefully not.

Either way. Given the cliffhanger ending that this issue offers up. It will be a race against time for Sheena and her friend to put a stop to Cadwell and return a sense of balance to the jungle.

I look forward to finding out how.

Sheena: Queen Of The Jungle #2
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